Warranty and service orders

Online tool for order processing services support of sold devices for autogas installations

Available legible and clear panel for indicating statistics such as:

  • number of orders per month in accordance with the status
  • average lead time
  • percentage distribution

allowing for fast review of all orders.

Document management and integrations

System allows for generating documents:

  • order acknowledgement
  • service forms
  • courier label
  • confirmation of the shipment and others

Order processing in the system reflects the actual cycle. The system is integrated with warehouse management program for availability of actual products, whereas integration with accounting program makes the circuit of the order much easier.

Functionality of order tracking for checking on current status is available to clients.


Additional functionalities

System supports the process of giving access to replacement product for the time of service order to the client.

In case of sending product to the external service, system allows for this type of situations by managing of external services and shipments.

Thanks to the statistic and analysis module we can distinguish failure rate of the products and managing the supplier selection process more efficiently.

Unique features of the system

Online access – system’s management from any place

Document management–templates, forms, labels, acknowledgements and other documents required during the process

Simple and legible interface –intuitively designed system using responsive design for being displayed on any device

Order tracking– clients have the ability to track their order and to get the most current status information

External systems integration– warehouse management system, shipping systems

You want to know more?


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For service and producer support please contact us: via phone: +48 798 940 841 or via e-mail

WHITE HILL is the producer of the system