MED-QS system kolejkowy

System for efficient management and service over awaiting patients


  • improvement of work in receptions, consulting rooms and admission rooms
  • assurance of high standard in servicing patients and staff work comfort

Ideal solution supporting patient/client service process in medical offices: hospitals, outpatient clinics, clinics.

  • integrated with AMMS Asseco
  • compatible with arbitrary hospital management system
  • enclose: registration, offices, admission rooms, waiting rooms, etc.

It supports evacuation process from the building through integration with arbitrary firefighting centre and displays escape routes on screens (different directions of arrows on different monitors) and a map of given location.

MED-QS system kolejkowy diagram
MED-QS System kolejkowy w szpitalach, przychodniach i aptekach - infokiosk biletomat

Info kiosks / ticket machines


Info kiosks are made from high quality materials and failure-free components and they are equipped with:

  • 22″ touch screen
  • matrix with FULL HD resolution
  • high sensitivity touch screen
  • ticket printer

Simple and intuitive interface together with maintenance help system guarantee durability and operating comfort. Large container allows for printing over 5000 tickets without frequent replacement of paper.

Detailed information and high quality tickets


Depending on the number of patients/clients, ticket can have the following information printed:

  • unique numbers from 2 up to 4 characters
  • location of the consulting room
  • time of the appointment
  • waiting time for the appointment
  • data of a doctor we have appointment with
System kolejkowy - bilet

Usage of paper with 110 g/m2 density (possible range of 80-120 g/m2) and dimensions similar to visiting-card allows for good legibility, durability and resistance to moisture and squeezing.

MED-QS system kolejkowy dla szpitali - monitor w rejestracji

Information monitors in registration and offices


14″ up to 22″ FULL HD monitors, situated over registration stands and offices which display:

  • information on currently maintained ticket
  • a list of people in the queue
  • information on performed examination
  • ongoing break

Simple interface and contrast colour scheme guarantee legibility of the information from a long distance.

Maintenance of next number from the queue is signalled by number’s blinking on the screen and defined sound signal or voice message generated with e.g. IVONA speech synthesizer.

Cumulative information monitors


FULL HD monitors with larger dimensions from 40” up to 95” which are situated e.g. in waiting rooms can display:

  • many queues, which allow patients to be up to date with the changes with the line from any place in the building
  • arbitrary content on a chosen monitor
  • can be used as information boards

Cumulative monitors can be situated both inside or outside of the building. They can also be compiled into VIDEO WALL.

MED-QS system kolejkowy dla szpitali - monitor w poczekalni
MED-QS system kolejkowy dla szpitali - monitor w gabinecie

Flexible tool for displaying any information


Queue system allows to display arbitrary information and to configure schedule display. It allows monitors to present:

  • surgery hours
  • announcements on location change for patients’ admittance
  • continuous or alternate mode with chosen content on queue information

Content editor is available and it allows to change default background by installing pictures and displaying animations and movies, it can make the system to be used as a tool for presenting products, services or advertisements within any industry.

Application’s simple and intuitive interface in the registration and in the office


Application allows for operations such as:

  • closing/opening of stands/offices
  • next patient call
  • managing patient list
  • start/end work break
  • patient call through text message (integration with any SMS gateway, receiving patients’ replies and displaying in the system)
  • end of work
MED-QS System kolejkowy w szpitalach, przychodniach i aptekach - aplikacja

Applications for registration and office maintenance were designed to be intuitive and allow for performing existing operations.

Introduction of the system to the employees takes minimal amount of time, is intuitive and natural, thanks to the simple interface of the application. Windows 7 or above and .NET 4.5 are required for the installation.

Unique features of the MED-QS

med-qs sms

Visit notification via text message / e-mail – text message / e-mail visit notification schedule, patient’s recall to the office via text message, displaying patient’s answering text message in the system

med-qs pozar

Supporting firefighting system – displaying escape route on the screens

med-qs content

Displaying additional content – information on localization (e.g. general outpatient clinic), hours and days for consultations, announcements

med-qs amms

Integration with AMMS Asseco or any other hospital management system – downloading data on patients, doctors, resources, visit schedules and system users

med-qs energy

Power optimization – monitors’ work schedule with the possibility of establishing days and hours of being on or off

med-qs optim

Patients service optimization – system’s statistical analysis: the daily amount of distributed tickets in every interactive kiosk, average patient service time in the registry and in the consulting room

med-qs skal

Modularity and scaling – possibility of adding arbitrary amount of monitors, interactive kiosks and defining different types of queues (e.g. registration queue, clinic queue)

med-qs min

Minimal amount of connection interfaces – for proper functionality 230V power and computer network are needed

You want to know more?

MED-QS queue management system

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WHITE HILL is the producer and the licensor of the system.