Fully functional system for track maintenance

  • review of a historical measurements
  • free contestant management
  • defining racing groups
  • printing scores from every race
  • comparing lap times
  • memory storage of up to 10 races

Simplicity of use and scalability

The system can be used at any track because of the ability for maintaining any number of karts and measurement places

  • small cost of installation
  • simple and intuitive interface of the application
  • high-accuracy measurements

The solution is consecutively initiated at go-kart tracks all over Poland.


3D technology– high accuracy and durability

Tags’ cases implemented in 3D printer together with technologically advanced components allow for high-accuracy measurements and long time work without power exchange.

Power consumption optimization provides several years of work on built-in batteries

Unique features of the system

Accuracy of measurements – high-accuracy measurements of individual lap times

Users / drivers – creating groups, defining drivers, comparing lap times, list of the fastest on the track

Printing scores– print of scores from every race, prints of individual lap times

Simple interface of the application – simple and intuitive usage of the application

Low cost of implementation and maintenance– installation, configuration and utilization is a small cost in comparison to benefits

Flexibility and scalability – solution can be applied for arbitrary number of vehicles and be used in different types of races, such as bicycle, motorcycle, etc.

You want to know more?


For more information on Go-kartTS, its possibilities, initiation and maintenance, licence granting for individual clients and trading partners please contact us: via phone: +48 691 450 300 or via e-mail whitehill@whitehill.eu

For service and producer support please contact us: via phone: +48 798 940 841 or via e-mail support@whitehill.eu

WHITE HILL is the producer and the licensor of the system.