Connects potential employees with employers

It is an extended tool that allows for:

  • employee records’ management
  • transport planning of staff and products
  • generating reports
  • review of statistics

System maintains all logistics-related work planning and resource management

Management of the potential and current employees database with the ability of multiple parameters filtering, such as:

  • worker’s status
  • acquired certificates and authorizations
  • identification numbers

Detailed employee information

Developed employee’s profile and his history:

  • periods and places of employment
  • finished and actual leave
  • rented dwelling
  • vehicles available for the employee.

Possibility of taking picture with a webcam, attaching scanned identification documents. Defining employee’s dates of availability.

Management of a specific incidents

Maintenance of problems reported by employees and managers:

  • noticed intoxication at work
  • theft of a company’s property
  • damage of rented vehicles
  • impairments in rented dwelling

Employee’s history is filled in with the given case with date, place and information about the employer.


Utilization/resource overlay planning

Housing management: address data, residence history, list of currently inhabited. Adding new homes, rooms, availability management.

Automotive fleet management. Vehicle details, VIN numbers, insurance, availability of the vehicle, identification data of people using the vehicle (driver and passengers). Vehicle’s overlay in specific time.

Leave planning for every employee, defining cause of the leave: work accident, medical appointment, etc. For increased data legibility icons are assigned to the corresponding status.

Statistics and reports

Report module allows for e.g. generating report on the basis of available resources (dwellings, vehicles) corresponding to the employee in specific period of time.

Statistics of hours worked by the employee in individual companies, offices. Statistics of leaves. The module is successively developed with the following reports.


Unique features of the system

Statistics and reports–extended module for generating reports and statistics for full analysis of company’s activities

Employee database – management of a database of potential and current employees, employment history, certificates and authorizations

Housing management– address data, residence history, list of currently inhabited

Automotive fleet management– route planning and optimization, overlay and utilization of vehicles, faults and repairs, cost of living

Maintenance of incidents  –intoxication, thefts, damages of vehicles, material losses

Integration with accounting system – data recalculation and generation for accounting employees

Integration with mobile application – information exchange through dedicated interface with the mobile application

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NLDB – System ERP

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