Credit grant and loan clearance suppor

From applying for a loan, through scoring, generating documents, to loans clearance.

  • integration with any accounting system
  • template document management
  • extended analytic panel
  • loan auctions
  • bills of exchange, auctions, internal bonds

Many business models

Used business model incorporates business models of few types of products, including loans:

  • social lending – unknown subjects lend financial resources to each other
  • for online companies – decisions are made mainly on the basis of borrower’s financial situation and scoring  
  • from acquaintances– from cooperating companies with relations e.g. belonging to the same economic organization

Lending process

Basic assumed lending process is a mixed model (combination of loan fund and social lending) it is:

  • one or few loan funds make lending decision and activate their resources
  • after the activation of resources, loan fund can sell receivables for other Lenders
  • platform make its calculation of instalments on the assumption that the instalments are equal – „constant instalments”

Improvements  business process

Implemented parametrized scoring algorithms and automatically generated documents based on templates improve business process.

Legibility of the admin panel allows for revision, processing and management of:

  • primary and secondary investors’ list
  • loan applications
  • loan auctions
  • bonds and bills of exchange

Automatic investment

It is a search tool which allows for finding according to defined product parameters and making automatic investments of a defined sum.

User is informed up to date about his investments via e-mail. He has the ability to change parameters of the automatic investment.

Unique features of the system

Full support for giving loans  –parametrizing, scoring, analytic panel, loan clearing

Many business models– social lending, loans for companies, loan funds, loans from acquaintances

Operating on a large group of products  – loan on pawn, bill of exchange, shares, bonds, auctions

Extended accounting module – creating payment schedules, booking settlement on different accounts, integration with any external system

Automatic scoring of a loan application   – system performs initial application scoring according to specified algorithms which are feasible to edit

Servicing many investors – the platform allows to add following investors interested in giving loans

Document generator – management over every pattern of a generated document: contracts, cessions, statements, pawn documents, tax documents, etc.

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